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  1. Thanks to the Roundtable session at our NSM on “Elevator speeches” as nervous as I was, I nailed it !

    I just joined a fantastic networking group and I got my opportunity to use it, so instead of the boring ol’ ” I sell office furniture” or “I’m in the office furniture industry”, I said…. ” for almost 30 years I’ve been filling space and making people feel comfy when they’re sitting at their desks all day” Looking at all the curious looks on everyone’s faces was great because I knew they were wondering what the heck I was talking about, Of course I had the opportunity to explain how and what I did to fill space and make them comfy.

    I am doing a business expo tonight at our local Hilton Hotel so I’m sure I will get more practice. Thanks to whoever came up with that “filling space’ idea at the meeting 🙂 – it just what it was supposed to do- have them want to find out more about what I do !!

  2. Thank you for sharing Susan! It is great to hear that the elevator speech is working for you! It is such a different way to reel in the people you meet and make them want to know more about you. Have fun at the expo tonight!

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