NeoCon 2012

What is NeoCon all about? It is a large group of extremely talented designers coming together to show people the cutting-edge styles and trends for that year. It is a chance for sales people and students alike to step into a showroom and experience a designer’s vision and learn what everyone from business-owners to home-owners are going to want in the upcoming months. It’s a high-stress, high-stakes situation for the designers, but for a few Indoff employees, it is a chance to get together with other Partners and see what the interiors industry has to offer that year.

Marsha Olinghouse, Georgine Golitko, and Jim Malkus are three of the many members of the Indoff family that made the trek to the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to be a part of the 2012 NeoCon exposition and conference earlier this month.

Hearing from Marsha, Georgine, and Jim, it sounds as if this year’s conference was quite successful.

“Every year I say I’m not going to Neocon…Been there done that,” mentioned Marsha. “And every year I leave Neocon saying I’m so glad I went.”

Since the multitude of showrooms allowed for not only Indoff employees, but all spectators to compare one design to another, it is no wonder that there were some hits and some misses among them. This year the showrooms seemed to have a consistent vibe. They offered subtle colors- like purples, grays, and yellows- and the use of chrome which came as a surprise to some.

“I recall just 10 years ago the big push on removing chrome because it wasn’t environmentally friendly,” said Marsha.  “Go figure!”

There were many eye-catching pieces at the show including a large tabletop with a multi-touch screen set inside, perfect for hotels and hospital lobbies, and a conference table (like the one on the left) with a sliding top adjustable according to the meeting being conducted.

Not only was NeoCon 2012 a great place to get inspiration from designers, it was a chance for the employees to interact and talk with other Partners that they normally only see at trade shows like this one.

“I always enjoy getting together with the group of partners who are at Neocon,” said Georgine. “It’s a nice way to catch up with a smaller group (of Indoff Partners and employees).”

The show provides an opportunity to watch trends develop over time, not just in one sudden appearance. “Collaboration was the most over-used word at the show,” said Jim. “From desk solutions that allow for collaboration to random lounge furniture that I have never seen in an office (but I’ve never been to Google), everyone wanted to talk about collaboration – certainly a continuing shift away from the latest and greatest in cubicles.”

Overall, those who attended NeoCon 2012 enjoyed the conference and are excited to return next year!

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