Network Your Way to Indoff

As we all know, social media is a very powerful tool. Depending on how it is used, it can make or break a person, company, or even a product. The opinions and exposure of any social media community are valued because a “mention” or a “share” from anyone means exposure for that company.

At Indoff, we are trying to do just that; continue to gain exposure. Through social media, we have gained many connections and strengthened relationships. We take the time to make sure that we are not only strengthening our social media presence, but that our Sales Partners know how to effectively use many of the more popular social networks. By using webinars and tutorials and being there when a Partner has a specific question we are able to set them up for success.

Sites like LinkedIn have proved to be a great tool in connecting Indoff with other, professional individuals and companies. With over 500 followers on LinkedIn, Indoff interacts with industries like Material Handling and Office Furniture consistently. This allows for great networking opportunities for those working within Indoff.

Networking is just what we are doing. By not only talking with our Vendors and Partners, but by using sites like LinkedIn, we have welcomed 38 new Partners so far in 2012.

Our Partners aren’t your average salespeople. They are a network of about 400 working in any of our five divisions; Material Handling, Commercial Interiors, Promotional Products, Business Products, and Commercial Printing. Our Partners work independently in their own offices and on their own schedule, nationwide.

Indoff has been voted one of The Greatest Companies to Work For 2011 by Promotional Products Business (PPB) Magazine and One of the Best Places to Work 2011 by Counselor Magazine, the Promotional Products Industry’s two leading publications.

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