Tips for Engaging an Online Audience

Engaging the online community is pretty important in today’s society. Whether it is Facebook checking what their friends are up to or their local news site checking the weather forecast for the day, everyone is constantly on some sort of online website. It may be a little intimidating to think that your site, may it be a personal blog or a company store, is accompanied by thousands of other different websites.

So how are you supposed to get your site to even be thought about?

Well BlueGlass, an internet marketing agency, has a way to get started. As found on, here are a few tips on what you should be doing in order to gain an online audience. They start by giving a few quick tips that anyone can use and most likely get results from.

Tips for engaging an online audience:

  • Captivating headlines
  • Use the copy to sell the rest of the piece
  • Promote, promote, promote!

According to the article, 80% of people will only read the headline of what you have posted. That’s a lot. The rest, only 20%, will go on to read the whole post. By thinking of something that is not only catchy, but either informative or inspirational, it is possible to grab some of the 80% and pull them in to hear what you have to say.

The “copy” is the first few sentences in your article, or other content, that explains what the reader will be reading throughout the page. (It’s kind of like a summary only a little shorter.)

This can also be where you lose some readers.

If the copy leaves nothing to anticipate, why would a reader want to go any further? You have already told the whole story in the first few sentences. Make the copy informational, but leave something for them to look forward to in the body of the posting.

Many people, including myself, choose to scan most articles instead of intently reading.  You should make your content easy to read and to-the-point. The use of bullet points and small paragraphs will make it easy for the “scanners” out there to pull the important information and weed out the filler.

Lastly, the use of promotion is extremely important for any company.

The article also goes on to say that giving your customers or audience value will give them incentive to come back to you and your site in the future. The author explains, “Smart, persistent promotion — especially via social media— will help cut through all the noise online and make your content sharable and more effective.”

Although these tips may not get you millions of hits over night, it is a place to start. Remember to keep your content genuine, readable, and catchy and to build relationships with the online community. If you can make them aware of your presence and offer them some sort of value, there’s a good chance they’ll come running back for more.

Want to read the whole article? Click here!

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