Indoff Goes to the ASI Show!

ASI, short for Advertising Specialty Institute, is a large company that works with both suppliers and distributors in advertising for thousands of different products. They host shows that feature vendors from across the nation and presentations from inspirational speakers.

A few of Indoff’s corporate employees took a trip the ASI Show in Chicago last week and from what I hear, it was a success!

Indoff’s President Jim Malkus, Vendors Manager Adam Heck, Social Media Coordinator Krista Fisher, Promotions Administrator Randee Walsh, and Promotions Product Sales Partner Scott Mueller were among the thousands that attended the Chicago ASI Show.

The group was able to visit almost every vendor at the show in a little under three hours! They stopped by the Vendors that already work with Indoff as well as the ones that would like to. Indoff’s social media team made sure to spread the word about Indoff’s involvement in social media in hopes to create some new, strong relationships. They mentioned things like our monthly Facebook contests, Twitter updates, and Pinterest boards. The team also talked to vendors like SanMar, Vantage, and Primeline in hopes of getting them even more involved with Indoff.

There were definitely some perks to going to the show too. The “swag” the group received was fun and practical.

“Some of our favorite items were the amazing car chargers that have various options on which phone you may hook them up to – super practical.” said Krista Fisher, Indoff Social Media Coordinator. “We loved the hand sanitizer, Chap Stick, shades, and footballs too! It is never a dull moment at the show.”

The show as a whole was not only informational but a great time. It was a fun day trip to the Windy City that I am sure the group can’t wait to do again next year!

Here Are Some Pictures From the Show!

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