How to Start Managing Millennials

Generational differences play a big part in the work place. At times, an older generation can clash with a younger generation simply because they do not understand how the other prefers to do things. There are ways to avoid these conflicts and, going on, it may be more necessary than ever before.

An article found on – an independent website that covers digital culture, social media, and technology – explains just how important inter-generational communication is about to become.

(Read the full article here!)

According to the article, 46% of the workforce will be comprised of millennials by 2020. That is almost double of what it is today. This means you will eventually begin to do business with a younger audience. It is obvious that the way millennials work, whether it is with social media or among themselves, is quite different then the other three generations that also occupy the workplace. It is said that one in three millennials would actually consider social media flexibility over salary when taking job offers. That may seem outlandish to some, but that just proves how important a social media presence is and will become for a company.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that now is the perfect time to learn how to use social media to your advantage. Not only is it is an opportunity to create a social media presence that can’t be ignored by any generation, but it is also a chance to work with this up-and-coming generation and use their skills to your advantage.

When millennials talk about social media they’re not just talking about their Facebook profile. While Facebook is a great place to start, it is not the only social media site out there. Sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, for example, are great sites that can be easily linked to Facebook making your social media presence come to a complete circle.

Social media doesn’t come easy to everyone. To “Gen Y’ers” though, a day would seem pretty abnormal without contact with some sort of media. After all, millennials switch between media-related devices an average of 27 times per hour, according to the article. That’s almost every two minutes! That seems like a lot, and honestly it is, but these kinds of statistics are what defines this generation and ultimately creates an advantage for your company.

The shift in generations is inevitable so why not embrace it? Social media is a great platform to begin to connect with the millennials and start to think how they think. It will not only allow you to get a taste for what this generation craves, but it will open your business to new opportunities and networks!

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