Social Madness!

With almost one billion users on Facebook, it would be wrong for a company to not have an active Facebook account. Just think, that is almost one billion people who could potentially become YOUR customer.

Social Madness is supporting the social media craze all over the United States. It is a competition divided into three categories; small, medium, and large sized companies. The company with the most votes at the end of the three rounds not only gets national exposure and big-time bragging rights, but will be able to designate the recipient of a $7,500 charitable donation.

If the company participates in Social Madness, it is their job to tell the World. “Likes”, “Shares”, and “Retweets” all count in getting the company’s social media presence a little stronger.

After hearing about the competition, we had to join! This would be the perfect opportunity for Indoff to not only increase our company exposure by entering a nationwide competition, but to intensify our social media presence not only on Facebook and Twitter, but other social media sites as well. “Our focus is currently centered on Facebook and Twitter,” said Krista Fisher, Social Media Coordinator at Indoff Inc. “But in the coming year, we plan to make Pinterest and Youtube a larger part of our social media plans. We believe these two platforms will help further our ultimate goal.”

So far, so good.

After holding a strong second place in round one, for two and a half weeks, Indoff made it to round two! We are currently still in second place and would love to stay there! (So please take a break from reading for a second and go VOTE!!!)

Thanks! And welcome back.

As sort of a “congratulations” and “good job” for making it as far as we have, The St. Louis Business Journal did a spotlight on Indoff. It goes into more detail about what we are really trying to accomplish by being a part of social media and is yet another great opportunity get Indoff’s name out in the open.

You can view the Social Madness Spotlight piece here!

To continue our efforts in becoming viral, we put together a “Where is Indoff” campaign. Our Sales Partners and corporate employees are emailed a sign and asked to simply take a picture with it. This proves to our followers that we are nationally diverse and that when you need one, there is a Sales Partner in your area.

It’s a fun, easy way to engage with everyone from our Sales Partners to our future clients. Social media is a craze that will probably only become bigger and better down the road and, hopefully, we will be right there with it.

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