Way To Go IT!!

It takes more than one person to run a company. In fact, it takes a team of people, dedication, and a lot of responsibility. If there is a problem, you have to find a solution and if there isn’t a solution, you better create one.

Recently a member of the Indoff family ran into a problem of his own. He reached out to our IT department for help and  got more than he expected.

Sales Partner, Kent Hildebrand, ran into a significant issue recently. His computer had been attacked by a Trojan virus. It took over the whole machine. The virus almost got a hold of his bank account, personal information, and other important sites. It corrupted all of his files and would watch his every key stroke. Needless to say, Kent was worried about his safety and his security. His internet provider led him nowhere so his next step was to turn to Indoff’s IT department in hopes they could shed even a little light on how to get rid of this horrible computer virus.

Kent got a hold of Steve DeSchryver, a support analyst for Indoff. Steve got Kent’s computer back on its feet. Although it wasn’t completely back to normal, it was functional again. Steve brought it to attention that Kent’s wife’s computer was linked to his and was also infected.

The next morning, David Eberbach, a support analyst for Indoff, addressed the problem head-on. He worked diligently to not only find the virus that was attacking the system, but  kept it from ever coming back.

“David worked very hard,” Kent said. “(He) found that more attacks, over 600, were still being launched against my system. David spent several hours, while helping others, and was able to find the attacker, block it, remove it and protect us from any additional intrusions.”

Now that’s impressive!

Obviously Kent is impressed with what our IT department has accomplished. It is awesome to see a department step up and completely stomp out a problem as big as a virus taking over a computer system. It is definitely a plus for Indoff as a company to have such a great support system for our Sales Partners.

“All to say, one more big feather in our hat.” Kent said. “Even as I head towards retirement…it is wonderful to know that I will finish strong with the support of a team that hangs a sign on their door, INDOFF.”

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