Why You Should Use LinkedIn

A “professional Facebook” and “a place to network” are just a few of the labels LinkedIn has earned over the years. In a sense, both of these are correct. On LinkedIn, you have your own profile just like you would on Facebook. The only difference is your LinkedIn page highlights your professional experiences, skills, and other important qualities making you not only marketable, but relatable to others on the site.

LinkedIn is specifically targeted towards business people, young and old, and in any profession. It links you to professionals in your line of work and cuts out all of the clutter (advertisements, requests, etc.) that you may see on other social media sites.

Networking is probably the most important feature the LinkedIn provides. With millions of members on the popular social media site, it is nearly impossible to not make a new connection every day, if so desired. The different levels of connections offer opportunities to get to know people you may not otherwise be able to get in touch with. This feature is ideal for those trying to expand their business.

This is why LinkedIn is the perfect site to use while recruiting and doing business in general. On LinkedIn, you can search for people with certain skills and experiences as well as within companies and your “connections”. This is a good feature to use when looking for business prospects and partners. LinkedIn can help you move forward whether in a job search or with other business activities. It can, for example, put you in touch with a supplier that may link you to a set of new customers or to experienced individuals that can help point you down the right path.

Along with meeting people, LinkedIn is great for starting discussion boards on a wide array of topics. People love to share what they know. By starting and participating in a board, you can get insight on how other people like you do things and what has worked for them in the past. Leading, or even just participating, in a discussion board can also establish and grow your credibility in your industry.

Not only is LinkedIn good for networking and discussing popular topics, but it links you and raises your rank up in search engine sites. This means if someone “Google’s” you, your company, or a word tagged in your LinkedIn profile, there will be a greater chance for that person to find you (This is also known as Search Engine Optimization). These days it seems like an online presence is becoming more and more crucial so links, like this example, are a necessity.

LinkedIn has many features that can help aid in any professional engagement you may currently be pursuing. Although there are many more great features on LinkedIn, other than the ones mentioned, these seem to be the most popular takeaways. Networking, discussions, and SEO are a great way to get things started, whether it’s a fresh business idea or a plan in need of a revamp. LinkedIn is more than a “craze”. It is millions of members strong and can do wonders when properly taken advantage of!

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