July Vendor Spotlight: Maple Ridge Farms

Founded in 1979, Maple Ridge Farms began by selling their products door-to-door to local businesses in central Wisconsin until a few years later in 1982 they discovered the promotional products industry. Since then they have sold exclusively through distributors. Maple Ridge Farms originally produced their gifts in a rented warehouse until 1990 when they decided to build a 27,000 sq. ft. facility.  A few years ago in 2008 they moved to an 85,000 sq. ft. production facility that they currently occupy. Maple Ridge Farms is now the largest company in the United States specializing in business food gifts programs. They achieved this level of success by following one fundamental principle: “Your gifts should be recognized for their outstanding quality and exceptional flavor.”

The Promotional Products Association International has awarded Maple Ridge Farms thirteen times over the years with the Supplier Star Award and Supplier Star Award of Merit. They were also recognized as the inaugural “First Place” winner of the ASI Distributor’s Choice Award in 2001 and have won every year since! Not surprisingly, 99.99% of all orders are shipped on time!

Maple Ridge Farms’ product line consists of fine chocolate, fresh-roasted nuts, Wisconsin cheese, home-style cookies & brownies, and gourmet smoked meats. Nearly 25% of their business consists of custom or non-catalog items.

Maple Ridge Farms attributes their success to three main factors:

–           The highest quality food

–           Innovative packaging

–           Being a customer focused company

Indoff is proud to say that they have been doing business with Maple Ridge Farms since 2003. Over the years they have worked together to promote food gifts to the Indoff customer base. In 2010 Maple Ridge Farms put together an educational webinar for the Indoff Sales Partners. That year, Chris Drowne took advantage of their “One Taste” lead generation program and, as a result, wrote a very nice order with a large paper company.

“We enjoy working with the Indoff Sales Partners in their efforts to provide their clients with cost-effective food gift programs.” said Tom Riordan, Maple Ridge Farms President.

In their “One Taste” program you provide Maple Ridge Farms with the names and addresses of 20 or more of your best clients. Your clients then receive a gift box filled with 3 gourmet brownies or extra fancy jumbo cashews, a card with your business card attached, a mini catalog, and a coupon offering a 20% discount.  You then follow up with your customers to ensure they received the gift and ask for their business. All of this is provided at a very minimal price.

Indoff appreciates Maple Ridge Farms support and looks forward to growing our business together in the future.

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