Where Is Indoff?

  We have recently started a “Where is Indoff” challenge! We want to let people know just how nation-wide Indoff really is, but we can’t do it without your help! Our mission is to show everyone how diversified we really are and, of course, have a little fun too!

Participating is very simple! All Indoff Partners have to do is go to Indoff’s Facebook page and “like” us. Then, take and post a picture of them with the Indoff logo where ever they are in the USA, or the world! We started this challenge with pictures from Indoff’s corporate headquarters here in St. Louis. A couple of Indoff’s corporate employees took a trip to the St. Louis Arch and the Zoo. They sported the logo and showed off some of St. Louis’s famous landmarks.

Since we started “Where is Indoff”, we have had a few dozen pictures posted to Facebook from Partners all over the nation. Keep them coming! The pictures we have received so far really tell who we, the Indoff family, really are! (That is fun, outgoing, and hard-working!)

If you haven’t “liked” Indoff on Facebook yet, click here! You can also click here to follow Indoff’s Social Media Coordinator, Krista Fisher to get social media updates and assistance!

If you are an Indoff Partner, and haven’t participated yet, grab your Indoff sign and go take a picture of where you call home! We can’t wait to see all of the photos!

A big thanks to everyone who has participated so far!

Check Out A Few Of The Pictures We Have Recieved So Far!

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