A Promotional Products Case Study

We recently did a case study on one of our Promotional Products Partners, Scott Mueller. The featured company is a vacation package provider. They assist their customers in finding the right vacation for them.

Scott helped a company with a problem they were having with their current information wallets. The majority of the information supplied would fit in any simple wallet, but the company wanted to include a spiral bound language translation book to make it easier for international travelers. They needed a travel wallet to fit all of the information. They wanted to keep the luxurious feel of their company so the wallets needed to at least look like they were leather, but still be affordable. They also wanted to include matching luggage tags to go along with the wallet.

Scott’s objective was to provide them with an affordable, yet stylish, wallet for the information they provide their customers as they prepare to depart on their vacation. Scott worked with Gemline to create a custom made leatherette with wider spines and longer zipper closures. Along with the wallet, they created a luggage tag in the same material.  Both items had the company’s logo debossed on the front.

The wallet with the information and the luggage tags were then sent out to the customer via FedEx. Scott noticed another opportunity to promote the company. He suggested the goods be sent out in e-flute tuck boxes with the company logo instead of the standard Federal Express box.

After prices for the wallets and tags decreased, the vacation package provider eventually agreed to a pre-paid order, 100%, via check. They felt safe doing this because of the consistent quality that both Indoff and Gemline had delivered year after year.

Overall, the company, Gemline, and Scott all came out on top. They had a positive experience working together and all profited from it in the long-run!


Want to read the whole study? Click here!

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