Don’t Be Dispensable

Everyone knows that not everything is meant to last forever.

Whether it’s a law or a fashion trend, people seem to change as the years pass, therefore causing the things in their lives to change with them.

According to a recent LinkedIn blog post, we should expect to see more professional items start to disappear in the coming years; things like tape recorders, regular office hours, and fax machines.

It’s strange to think of a time when things like staying at the office for 8 hours at a time would be a rarity and every day, tangible items would be discontinued.

It is interesting to think that just like these things your own job could be dispensable as well. Thousands of students graduate every year with a degree that is similar the other thousands of people already in the “professional world”. Some may have more developed skills and some may be cross educated in other, more desirable fields of study.

So how can an individual think that he or she really has complete job security?

According to this post, there are ways to give yourself an edge over your competition.

First, simply be the best in breed. Whether you’re reading the latest headlines specific to your field or keeping in touch with your connections, you need to stay informed. It is easy to have a degree or experience and just “do your job”. Staying informed and up to date will set you aside from the rest of the group.

Secondly, expand yourself. Doing the same thing over and over throughout the day can not only get boring, but limit you to what you are exposed to. Just think, the person who takes their clients to lunch and conducts face-to-face meetings regularly probably has a little more creditability than the person who only responds via email and sits in their office until 5 o’clock rolls around!

The last tip is to get active and network! Making great, professional relationships can get you a long way in any industry. Your network doesn’t necessarily have to consist of hundreds of people. When it comes to networking, some people, including myself, believe it’s quality, not quantity that matters. It is nice for someone to know your name, but it is even better if that person knows something about your professional qualities.

What other ways can you think of that can help you keep your place in your job field?

Do you agree with these tips?

Sound off below!

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