Making the Most Out of a YouTube Post

I would say that most of us are pretty familiar with YouTube. It’s a great site that allows users to upload videos, whether done professionally or shot via an iPhone. While it is so easy to start your own channel on YouTube and begin uploading videos, some users don’t go the extra mile to help make the video viral. Here are a few tips from a helpful article to help your video make its way to the top.

  • Keep it short and hook your audience. You have to let them know what they are watching and why it is important. “Hooking” the audience is crucial because if you lose their attention, or bore them, you can almost guarantee they won’t be sharing or re-watching your post.
  • Make it personal. If you don’t tailor to your audience, you will lose their interest resulting in a loss of video views. Using humor, for example, may bring your audience to your level.
  • Create a call to action. Having a purpose for your video will make people want to click play and to tell others to do the same. Many people enjoy feeling like they are a part of something, so by involving them, you may engage more viewers.
  • Finally, using the appropriate audio, text, and execution is critical. Making a video that is poorly constructed will make your audience want to look for something else.

At Indoff, we have created our own YouTube channel to keep in touch with our Partners and let everyone know what Indoff is made up of. We update the site with videos of our staff and the parts of our corporate office that our Partners don’t get to see every day. It’s a great way to get everyone more acquainted with who they are working with.

A video going viral may seem more like “luck of the draw” then something you actually have control over. In many cases it probably is, but there are many more ways to give your video and edge over the competition.

What other helpful hints do you think work for a site like YouTube?

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