Small Businesses and Social Media

I’m sure many people think that social media is a relatively quick fix for a company that is looking for exposure, especially for a small business. While it is a great way to jump start a company’s internet presence, social media takes time to become sticky and catch on with your targeted audience.

According to a recent article on, social media is not something that can just be done. It is a part of a company’s marketing strategy that needs to be continued and maintained as long as the company desires to do “business” on that particular social media platform.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great places to begin to connect with your current and potential audience. You can build relationships with them by responding positively to their feedback and not bombarding them with sales pitches and advertisements. People go on these sites to connect with others, not to be sold to. Therefore, it is important to represent your company in a positive manner and show them that your company not only cares about them, but their interest in your business as well.

Having realistic expectations is another important factor in trying to break into social media. Obtaining hundreds of “views” and “shares” don’t happen overnight, so don’t expect them to. Instead, be thankful to the handful of users who do  forward your content by  sending them a message or commenting on the post.

Another tip for starting your social media “adventure” is to pick the sites that best fit your company. There is such a thing as too much social media. Check out one of our recent blog posts for more information on over doing social media!

Finally, remember that even if you are not a multi-million dollar business or are an entrepreneur, you can still have a big advantage when using social media. By being small, you have the opportunity to know the ins and outs of what you have built.  Knowing your products and your customer base will also allow  you to better communicate one-on-one with them.

Ultimately, you will have a greater chance at building online relationships, as previously mentioned, and eventually become a social media pro! You just have to remember to give it a chance and focus on the networking.

2 thoughts on “Small Businesses and Social Media

  1. Social media is super important in todays market. A small business needs to interact on a personal level with it’s potential and current customer base. Customers like to know there is a human behind the computer screen. Adding a social media plan to your business is essential for long term success.

  2. We definitely agree! It is nice to know that you are actually communicating with a person when using social media or any online forum. This could even give a small business a leg up over their competition!

    Thanks for the comment!

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