“Show Me the Blog” Social Media Conference 2012 Recap

Over the weekend Social Media Manager, Krista Fisher and I went to the Show Me the Blog conference here in St. Louis. The conference focused on social media and how to make the most out of sites and the content that is featured. It was a great opportunity for networking and a fun way to spend a Friday for us, social media nerds!

The day started with registration and some mingling. We were able to meet a wide variety of people from small business owners to media reps!

The first speaker was a man named Lamar Tyler. He is known for his YouTube videos, social media presence, and public speaking. Lamar explained that you don’t need expensive equipment to create a video. You can work with what you have to make something entertaining and high quality. The speaker touched on the importance of sound, text and using music where appropriate.

Aimee Knebel was next. Aimee has had many titles in her professional career. She works for Yelp.com and is an on-air personality for Fox Sports Midwest. Aimee talked about taking chances and never settling for the easy route. She was so inspirational and, since she isn’t much older than Krista and I, very relatable!

As the day went on, we learned a little about using LinkedIn and the usefulness of guest blogging.

The conference finished with a few closing speakers, but not before a local photographer taught us the simplicity of photography. We learned tips & tricks for different lighting, subjects, and even using an iPhone for picture taking! It was by far my favorite workshop of the day.

Overall, the Show Me the Blog conference was a blast! Krista and I are so thrilled that we were able to attend the show and are looking forward to more exciting events in the near future!

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