Indoff’s National Sales Meeting Recap

Last weekend, Indoff hosted our National Sales Meeting in St. Charles, Missouri. Our Sales Partners came in from all across the United States to take classes and learn from each other about being a better, more effective sales person and about the Indoff family.

“The NSM (National Sales Meeting) was a great opportunity for our Partners to reconnect with old friends and colleagues and meet new friends,” said Angela Suntrup, Indoff’s National Marketing Manager. “The theme of our meeting was social media and technology – Be Different. Be You. Be Social. Hopefully, the Partners not on social media will take the jump and ‘be social’.”

The weekend started with registration and a cocktail hour on Thursday evening. Our Partners enjoyed a relaxing evening of mingling with other Partners and Corporate employees alike.

Friday began with classes that were put on by a few of the Vendors that Indoff works with. The Partners got to learn about new selling opportunities as well as develop their relationships with a few Vendors. Friday afternoon continued with a Vendor show. This was a chance for everyone to talk more one-on-one with the Vendors and to see what they offer up close. It was also a great opportunity for Partners to converse with Partners and Vendors in one of Indoff’s other five divisions that they may not have had the chance to before.

Saturday was the final day of the National Sales Meeting. Indoff Corporate employees shared their knowledge on various topics from social media to online ordering in breakaway classes in the morning. The afternoon consisted of a few more classes and a general meeting for all of Indoff. The Sales Meeting concluded with an awards dinner celebrating the Partners that have excelled in the last year.

It was great to see everyone and to meet a few new faces. Overall, it seemed like the Partners, Vendors, and the corporate staff in attendance really enjoyed themselves. One Indoff Sales Partner in particular agrees. “I love the fact that we have a sales meeting once every 18 months not two and three a week,” Indoff Partner, Ken Hebert said. “Indoff Values our time selling and doing what we do best. This company treats me like an adult, and I really like that!”

We are glad that everyone had a great time and were able to take home something they didn’t have going into the meeting; this wouldn’t have been a success without the attendees!

“I want to thank all of the Sales Partners and Vendors that took the time and made the investment to attend our sales meeting,” said Robin Migdal, Indoff’s VP of Human Resources. “It is YOU who made it the success it was!”

While it is bittersweet that this year’s meeting had to come to a close, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we can’t wait for the next Indoff National Sales Meeting in April 2014!

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