October Vendor Spotlight: Tombow



Tombow is a market leader for arts, crafts and office products. Serving consumers and businesses around the globe, Tombow was established in Japan in 1913 as the wood-case pencil provider for Japanese students. Since these beginnings and supported by a history of unparalleled customer service, Tombow has grown the company’s portfolio to a worldwide provider of adhesive and correction tapes, ballpoint and rollerball pens, drawing pencils and erasers, dual brush marker pens, glue sticks and liquid glues manufactured in facilities located in Japan, Southeast Asia and Thailand. Worldwide operating divisions distribute Tombow branded products in their respective geographies.

Maintaining market leadership in these categories is achieved through innovative product design, exemplary customer service and a time-tested commitment to exceptional value for Tombow’s retailers and their consumers.


Tombow was established in Japan in 1913 as a manufacturer of wood-cased lead and colored pencils. From these beginnings at the turn of the 20th century through the Internet age, every student in Japan has grown up with the Tombow pencil.

Beginning in the 1960’s and continuing for the next three decades, Tombow has worked to diversify its manufacturing program which today includes ballpoint and roller ball pens, glue products, marker portfolios, and an extensive series of adhesive and correction tape offerings. This expansion of the brand led to worldwide demand for these unique, innovative and well-designed art and office merchandise. In 1983, Tombow answered the growing interest by the western world by opening American Tombow, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tokyo-based parent company, in Thousand Oaks, California, a Los Angeles suburb.

In 1991, Tombow made another international mark by opening a production and distribution arm in Bangkok, Thailand. Through this strategic move, Tombow was able to combine its strict quality control methodology and the growing international price competition to continue its mission to provide art, craft and office products at a value to its devoted customers. This has allowed the company to maintain its position as a top five office product manufacturer across the Asian continent.

Following the best practices established with the Thailand operations, American Tombow seized an opportunity to move to Georgia, where the division opened expansive offices which are now located in Suwanee, Georgia. Awarded the renowned Red Dot Award in 2010 for the AirPress and Mono Zero Eraser has made the brand known publicly for what its loyal customers have known for generations – that Tombow is synonymous with superior quality for products serving the art, craft and office environments.

What We Offer


Tombow’s exemplary products are defined by their quality and the creative uses of those products by consumers around the world. The products are available in more than 100 different retail businesses ranging from nationally known office suppliers to boutique fine are providers throughout North America.

Adhesive Products

There are 30 adhesive products spanning the Tombow portfolio, including the Stamp Runner, Liquid Glue and Glue Sticks.

Correction Products

There are 17 correction products in Tombow’s office portfolio, with the consumer favorite of the original Mono Correction Tape.

 Writing Products

Tombow has created patented AirPress, Ballpoint, Ultra, and Rollerball pens to meet the expanding demand of today’s on-the-go professionals.

Tombow’s AirPress technology and patented rubber grip provide the perfect writing utensil for scenarios involving air travel, underwater documentation, and even vertical or upside down engagements such as writing on a board or ceiling.

Tombow’s award-winning Zoom 707 and Zoom 727 series pens feature a sleek and contemporary design. The soft, comfort grip is undergirded by a lifetime guarantee as the ultimate writing experience.


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