Tips for Blogging on Your Partner Marketing Site…and Everywhere Else!

Blogging can become frustrating if you find yourself at a loss of topics or if you see your weblog is lacking page views. While having captivating content is a goal that every blogger should aim for, we sometimes get stuck in a rut.

Don’t get discouraged!

There are tricks to making sure that your blog is not only readable, but relatable. There are many articles out there that will tell you to go buy expensive software or hire a social media “pro” to look over your site; that isn’t necessary! From doing some research of my own and looking through several articles, I have come across a few easy steps to follow to leave your readers wanting more.

Brainstorming is the first step. By writing down your thoughts about the message you would like to convey, and the possible interests of your audience, you may find that your ideas begin to stem into new, interesting blog topics.

Take a closer look at your audience, or the audience you would like to begin to reach. What are they interested in? Do they want to hear about the industry you are in or do they want to hear about tips about things like time management? Keep in mind that while not all post should stray from your main purpose for your blog, you shouldn’t consistently turn to sales when deciding what to write about.

After you finish brainstorming ideas, it’s time to free write. This is the part where you take a topic and just write what comes to mind. You don’t have to start at the beginning and you don’t have to create full paragraphs at this point! Free writing is all about writing what you are thinking and not having to worry about whether or not it makes sense. Edit what you have written after you think you have all your ideas down.

Don’t think you have to know everything about blogging. There seems to be a new “method” of blogging every day. Sometimes it’s okay to just blog the way you see fit and focus on your audience rather than the new fads.

Being yourself in your blog is very important. Many readers look for some sort of voice in any material they choose read. It is necessary to provide a viewpoint and stick with it. A writer with one, solid stance on something is a lot more credible than someone who seems to change their views in every blog post.

Other than these suggestions, there are a lot of other great tips for aspiring and current bloggers out there. Check out this article for more!

Do you have any helpful hints that you use when writing your posts? Sound off below!

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