Remembering to Say Thank You

Saying something as simple as “thank you” has the potential to make someone’s day.

People take pride in what they do and when another person acknowledges those actions it tends to boost their morale. So why don’t we take what we learned as children and apply it to the workplace?

Giving praise to an employee has been shown to not only increase productivity, but get employees engaged in the business itself. In an article found on, companies that focus on rewarding and recognizing their employees have business results 14% higher than companies who don’t.

There are ways to begin praising your team effectively if you haven’t already started.

Be specific. While a “thank you” does go a long way, it’s better to reach out to the person and specifically praise them for the task they have accomplished. It’s not only a nice gesture, but it shows the person that you are truly paying attention to what they have completed.

Know your team. Some people don’t like to be the center of attention. If that’s the case, a hand written note would be more effective than a public acknowledgement of their achievement. If the employee doesn’t mind a little recognition, let people know. Share the success with their department or carve out a minute in a company meeting to give them praise.

Let others talk too. If an employee wants to thank a fellow co-worker, let them do just that! In many circumstances, a positive comment from an equal can mean more than a comment from someone else.

Working on integrating this into a company can take a little getting used to. The results, though, are sure to be worth it. Creating an atmosphere where your employees not only value their job, but really feel appreciated will directly affect your company’s prosperity in the long run.

Does your company do something unique when it comes to employee recognition? Leave a comment below!

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