Being a Good Communicator

No matter the situation, communication is vital. Whether it is verbal, non verbal, physical, or emotional, it is one of the biggest challenges that people have when interacting with others.

Not everyone is great at communication. Developing good communication skills can be harder than most people realize. It takes a while and lots of practice for one individual to become “good” at communicating with the people they come across on a day-to-day basis. They have to realize just how important it is and how they have to engage others who have communication styles that are different from their own. Asking questions to those around you is a great way to better understand how different people prefer to communicate and how they are best reached.

When a situation goes sour, a good communicator must also be able to address the situation at hand and learn from the mistakes that were made. This is especially true if the mistake was made on their part. People tend to respect and listen to someone if that person can own up to and learn from their

Here are some qualities of a good communicator. Do you agree that these are a necessary part of a great leader? Why or why not?

  • The ability to motivate a team and understand how they think
  • The ability to take people as they are and to have a non judgmental mind
  • The ability to critique yourself and learn from mistakes
  • The ability to make clear communication a priority

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