Are We Becoming Too Commercialized?

With Black Friday just days away it seems like everyone is making plans to fight the crowds and score great deals on whatever they can find. This year though, stores are opening their doors earlier than the stroke of midnight; about four hours earlier. Many people are excited about the change, but others feel like it is taking away from the tradition of Thanksgiving.

It does seem like the brick & mortar stores are dipping into family time by starting their sales at 8pm Black Friday eve, but does it really pose that much of a change when it’s all said and done?

According to an article found on Market Watch, the number one online shopping day from 2003-2011 was actually on Thanksgiving. This means that for the last nine years people were already shopping the sales of the big name corporations and not spending as much time with family as everyone thought.  The stores that have decided to open on Thanksgiving are giving the folks who are already shopping the convenience of in store deals they may not find online.

When you look at the situation through the eyes of the business man, breaking tradition can actually be pretty profitable. The article goes on to say that the corporations that decided to open early actually had a 22% increase in business that weekend over those who didn’t.

Is it worth it? Some would say that we are getting too focused on making our next dollar and that we are becoming too commercialized. They say that we are breaking traditions that have been passed down for years for a sale that lasts a weekend. Others sew the craziness of Black Friday into their current family traditions making the whole situation obsolete.

What do you think? Are businesses taking Black Friday too far or is it a smart way to help increase profits? 

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