November Vendor Spotlight: Eliason Corporation

Eliason Corporation was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Credited with developing the original double-acting traffic door, they originally manufactured walk-in coolers and freezers before developing the Easy Swing® hinge system which helped develop their first traffic door.

The original Easy Swing® hinge system was patented in 1964 and it immediately became a great solution for several industries where employees could easily open the doors with serving trays or boxes, allowing the doors to close automatically behind them.  Over the years several imitations have surfaced, though none truly compare.

Eliason is the leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty doors for use in a variety of applications, including restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets and industrial facilities such as food processing and manufacturing facilities.

Eliason is well-known for making the best double-acting traffic doors, but they also offer flexible traffic doors, sliding doors, strip curtains, corrosion-resistant fiberglass (FRP) doors and fire doors, all made to the same high-quality specifications. One of their biggest strengths is their flexibility in creating custom door solutions for each customer.

Eliason has served customers all over the globe for the last 60 years and has developed a reputation for superior customer service and quality, custom products. They are committed to green manufacturing and their products can potentially contribute to LEED points in many LEED-NC (New Construction) categories.

Restaurant, Retail and Grocery Facilities – Eliason offers many doors for these segments, including corrosion-resistant entrance doors and traffic doors featuring the Easy Swing® hinge. This hinge system features a safe time-delay closing action and ADA compliance (by taking less than five pounds of pressure to open), making these doors especially convenient in a restaurant, café, bar or other food service setting. They are easily customized and can be equipped with thermal insulation for use in temperature-sensitive rooms such as walk-in coolers. Heavier-duty doors are available for use in supermarkets and retail settings where they will be subjected to pallet jacks and other moderate traffic.

Industrial, Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities – Eliason offers many doors suited to the industrial environment, including heavy-duty traffic doors that can withstand constant forklift traffic, flexible doors with top-mounted hinges for use in cold storage facilities, automated sliding doors in a variety of finishes to suit many applications, and corrosion-resistant FRP doors made entirely from fiberglass which are ideal for wash down and corrosive applications. Eliason also offers fire-rated doors (and frames) for these applications.

“Eliason is very excited to have a partnership with Indoff and looks forward to helping their Sales Partners create the best door solutions for their clients.” said Rick Proskow, Eliason Marketing Manager.

Indoff is very excited to continue to grow their relationship with Eliason!

For more information about their products, please visit, and connect with them via Facebook ( or Twitter ( for the latest updates.

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