Top Sales Trends For 2013


As the year comes to an end, many companies will take the time to step back and look at what they have accomplished over the last 12 months. This is also a time to recognize and analyze upcoming changes for the year ahead.

Since Indoff is mostly comprised of Sales Partners, let’s take a look at the top sales trend predictions for 2013! After taking a look at what the research shows, tell us what you think selling in 2013 will be like, below!

According to the Harvard Business Review there are going to be 10 top sales trends occurring over the next 12 months. The first of the 10 is “Behavior Modeling”. This means that more companies will begin to take a look at how their sales people are selling. They’ll take the qualities from their top selling sales people and begin to integrate those actions into every account. This trails into number two; the idea of win-loss analysis. Since competition within companies is said to get more “cut-throat” in 2013, companies will have to be open to the idea of using win-loss analysis, becoming more language based (number 3), and knowledgeable (number 4). In other words, get to know your customer and let them get to know you too! It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. This idea is especially important on social media platforms where you interact daily with your current and potential customers. Also, promoting the different layers of the company will assure the customer you work with a legitimate, knowledgeable organization.

The fifth trend is the disappearance of the sales process. In 2013 companies will begin to do away with the sales process and use much more personal interaction. Along with personal communication will come, number 6, understanding your customer’s entire company. Sales people will begin to look deeper into their customer’s company and determine the solutions that will best fit the organization as a whole, and not just one department.

The idea of “Call High or Die” and “Intelligent Territory Management” makes up trends seven and eight.

Trend number nine, in my opinion, will be an issue for more than just sales people. It is the idea of becoming burnt out on technology. Whether it’s our iPhones or our Facebook profiles, we all could use a little break from technology in the coming months.

Number 10 is probably the trend that will be the most noticeable. It is the migration from going out into the field to contacting customers via phone.

Which trends do you agree with? Do you see any other changes coming our way in 2013?

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