Social Media Resolutions


Social media is one of the main channels that present day advertisers and marketers use to connect with us, the consumer. In 2012 the United States alone spent an estimated $3.6 billion on social media advertising. This number is almost half of what the entire world spent in this category, last year. This number is expected to rise in 2013 and continue to do so for years to come.

So how can you start taking advantage of the popular trend that is social media?

In an article written by marketing expert, Heidi Cohen, there are a few “resolutions” you can set for this year to help you get on track with your consumers and, more importantly, your competitors.

–       To start off, you simply need to listen. Social media is like a huge discussion board for everyone and anyone to voice their opinion about whatever they want. You should begin to monitor your company’s sites for comments, complaints, and concerns and use them to better develop your business model.

–       Make sure everyone knows what’s going on with your social media campaign. Many corporate level managers are not familiar with how to use every social media site in the correct manner. It is important to get them involved and up to speed on current trends and proper use of the company’s platforms.

–       Remember that just because your chosen social media representative is personally engaged in social media, doesn’t mean they know how to successfully run and maintain a business’s social media presence. Providing the proper training for all employees on the proper use of business social media is essential and could possibly save you from a PR nightmare.

–       Set up goals for your social media plan. Strategic and realistic goals can help you ease into an unknown platform or just help keep track of what is going on your sites.

–       You must tailor the content you post to each individual site. To the average user, some social media sites may seem relatively the same; they’re not. While you don’t have to completely change the content, you should adjust it. Whether it is only including a link for Twitter or only uploading a picture with a caption for Facebook, different site users have different expectations.

These are just a few ideas for redesigning or creating your plan in 2013.

What are your social media resolutions for the next year?

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