Being Self-Productive


A New Year for many people means a new chance to better business in 2013. They focus their resolutions on their office work and forget that a lot of that success actually comes from within them. By losing hold on your self-productivity, you may not be able to fully achieve the goals and “resolutions” you set for 2013.

Whether you do it once a day or once a month, take time to check how productive you are as a person and continue to develop your productivity skills. Here are a few tips for how to get started:

–       Get the important stuff done first. If you find yourself doing mundane tasks that don’t need to be done immediately, put them aside and spend time away from your desk. Freeing yourself from tasks and doing something for yourself will clear your mind and allow you to get more done, efficiently, when you go back to work.

–       Whatever you do, do it well. Being efficient is better and more practical than being perfect. Although it’s not always possible, try to stick to the projects and situations within your reach and capabilities.

–       Try to balance your work life with your personal one. This ratio may be different for everyone. Some people may need more time away from the office while others are perfectly content with spending hours behind their computer. You have to find your medium and honor it.

–       Designate your time to certain activities. Things like social media have a tendency to suck us in. Allocate time for the not so important things in your life and do something beneficial to your personal growth.

–       Don’t be afraid to learn something new. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better you may fare. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Of course there are many more ways you can develop your self-productivity.

Tell us what works for you in the comment section below!

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