Don’t Get Burnt Out


As the times change and technology keeps advancing, we tend to become absorbed in media and some of us may eventually become burnt out. In fact, many people that I have talked to in the past have admitted to checking their phone or opening their laptops first thing in the morning, every morning. They feel the need to know what has happened in the world since their head last hit the pillow.

This can become problematic seeing as many people have to use some sort of social media to keep in contact with customers, clients, vendors, etc. throughout the day.

So how can we still connect without getting overrun by the same old routine? An article from Social Media Today explains a few easy ways to keep you and your content fresh as you continue to climb up the social media ladder.

Being present on every platform isn’t necessary. Making sure you are only focusing on the social media channels that best represent your customer base is important. Say, for instance, you are running a manufacturing warehouse. You may want to have a Facebook account that you update daily with projects and products, but a Pinterest account wouldn’t really serve you or your customers needs.

Don’t make people wait. If you have the previously mentioned Facebook account, chances are a viewer may comment on a picture or status update. Carving out a few minutes each day to consistently check and respond to your viewers will keep them from feeling that your page has been abandoned.

By planning out a weekly or monthly social media timeline, you create the chance to think about what you are going to post and to make the content strong. While posting day-by-day is okay, you run a bigger chance of your information looking careless or irrelevant.

Realize what you can and cannot do well. If you aren’t a good writer, stick to using sites like Twitter where you can link interesting articles and videos to a very short, character limited blurb. If you’re good in front of a camera, try using YouTube to give your customers updates. This causes you less stress and allows the customer to continue to get the information they need.

Finally, when you have the chance, put everything aside. Whether it’s your personal account or a professional one, taking a break from social media is so important. It will give you a chance to clear your mind and may even help you come up with new ideas for content down the road!

How do you keep yourself from a social media burnout? Share your tips and tricks below!

It’s All About The Content


It’s all about content marketing.

This phrase seems to be popping up a lot lately and it couldn’t be more true. In the world of social media, how you market or sell your site will determine whether or not your webpage will get as many views, and potentially business, as your competitor’s.

So what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is the idea of making the customer believe that they will not only get what they want from the company, but that they can build a relationship and have a sense of trust with them as well. Before the idea of content marketing, companies would simply tell the customer what they have and what the customer should purchase. Using the example provided by a recent article on Social Media Today, that type of process would look like this;

We sell boxes > They are brilliant boxes > Come and buy them from us!

Now-a-days, the more effective process that includes content marketing would something like this;

Here is a lot of helpful information on boxes >  We know a lot about boxes > We understand why you want to buy boxes > We sell brilliant boxes that fit your needs > Come and buy from us!

The two examples sound a lot alike, but the second goes the extra mile to reassure the customer at hand. It gives them the idea that not only does the company have what they want, but they know about the product and understands the customer’s needs.

The general idea behind content marketing is to make your customers focus on what you are offering by luring them in with interesting or helpful information.

Most companies already have some sort of existing content within their marketing plan that just needs to be “beefed up” to match what many online customers are looking for today. Here are a few questions, straight from the article, that will help you decide where you stand when it comes to social media and content marketing;

  1. How useful is your existing content – are you giving your customers the information they are looking for?
  2. Does your content tell a potential new customer everything they need to know in order to make an informed decision?
  3. Is your content all sales focused and full of blatant marketing?
  4. Are benefits clearly laid out and are they compelling enough?
  5. Is the content interesting enough to warrant return visits, bookmarking or sharing?
  6. Is your content sticky enough to capture and hold people’s attention, increasing their dwell time?
  7. Is all of your content professionally written?
  8. Is your content on-brand?

How does your company match up? Does your strategy for content marketing fall along these lines, or do you have another approach? Tell us below!

Make the Most Out of Getting Stuck


When you were young you probably, at some point, sat down and thought about what you wanted to do with the rest of your life. Should you go to college? After college, should you continue for a Master’s degree? Does your newly acquired degree really reflect what you are passionate about? It is interesting to take a minute, stop, and think about how far you have come and what you have been through to get to where you stand today. If you are like the majority, you have been through trying times, personally and professionally. It was those moments, though, that may have made the biggest impact on your choices and current lifestyle.

When pressed for time or are under significant pressure, we tend to make snap judgments and quick decisions. We run into these situations daily, but ever so often we find ourselves face-to-face with something a little more “sticky”. In a recent post on the Harvard Business Review’s Blog Network, Gianpiero Pertriglieri shares the story of the moment he got “stuck”.

Pertriglieri explains how his situation helped him take a step back from everything and realize what he really wanted from his professional career. He wanted to follow his dreams, but he didn’t want his dreams to become his reality; for if they did, he’d have to find something new to chase. He describes his realizations;

“For all the value we put on plans and pursuits, what makes us who we are is often what we do with life’s surprises. Temptations don’t always point to what we really want, but often hint towards who we are trying to become. Maturity is not the ability to pursue or suppress them. It is the ability to take them seriously without always taking them literally.”

So what can we, as individuals and professionals, take from this?

Petriglieri, before his accident, was ready to make what he loved into a career, but he began to realize that it wasn’t the job that would make him happy, it was the effort he put into his work. He learned to enjoy the moments of worth and use what he was already doing as encouragement to do better.

In all, we should be thankful for the moments that seem the hardest because they may have shaped who we are today and who we have yet to become.

Read Petriglieri’s entire story here!

What has been your turning point so far? Do you think it defines your personal and professional career as much as it did for Petriglieri? Share with us below!