It’s All About The Content


It’s all about content marketing.

This phrase seems to be popping up a lot lately and it couldn’t be more true. In the world of social media, how you market or sell your site will determine whether or not your webpage will get as many views, and potentially business, as your competitor’s.

So what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is the idea of making the customer believe that they will not only get what they want from the company, but that they can build a relationship and have a sense of trust with them as well. Before the idea of content marketing, companies would simply tell the customer what they have and what the customer should purchase. Using the example provided by a recent article on Social Media Today, that type of process would look like this;

We sell boxes > They are brilliant boxes > Come and buy them from us!

Now-a-days, the more effective process that includes content marketing would something like this;

Here is a lot of helpful information on boxes >  We know a lot about boxes > We understand why you want to buy boxes > We sell brilliant boxes that fit your needs > Come and buy from us!

The two examples sound a lot alike, but the second goes the extra mile to reassure the customer at hand. It gives them the idea that not only does the company have what they want, but they know about the product and understands the customer’s needs.

The general idea behind content marketing is to make your customers focus on what you are offering by luring them in with interesting or helpful information.

Most companies already have some sort of existing content within their marketing plan that just needs to be “beefed up” to match what many online customers are looking for today. Here are a few questions, straight from the article, that will help you decide where you stand when it comes to social media and content marketing;

  1. How useful is your existing content – are you giving your customers the information they are looking for?
  2. Does your content tell a potential new customer everything they need to know in order to make an informed decision?
  3. Is your content all sales focused and full of blatant marketing?
  4. Are benefits clearly laid out and are they compelling enough?
  5. Is the content interesting enough to warrant return visits, bookmarking or sharing?
  6. Is your content sticky enough to capture and hold people’s attention, increasing their dwell time?
  7. Is all of your content professionally written?
  8. Is your content on-brand?

How does your company match up? Does your strategy for content marketing fall along these lines, or do you have another approach? Tell us below!

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