What’s So Great About Going Social?


Everyone has those days where we ask ourselves, “What is so great about social media?” and “Yes, it keeps us connected, but does it really work?”

The answer is yes. According to a recent article on Forbes.com, a social media presence will directly benefit your marketing plan and brand for several different reasons.

Brand recognition is probably the most important reason. Companies like Pepsi or Apple are invited into our homes because we know them. They are brands that have a trusted image and a reputation to match. Getting your brand onto platforms like Facebook and Twitter may not get you to Steve Jobs’ status, but it will allow potential users to get to know a little more about the company behind the brand.

This also allows for repeat exposure and a chance to develop your brand within your community. By connecting with customers and other members in your community, you can easily find out what is important to them by looking at their “likes”, posts, etc. If you can tap into those niche markets, you have the potential to touch a whole new customer base.

Some may forget that social media sites can help generate traffic to your own, company web pages. By providing links, you can easily turn a status update into an invitation to visit your home page and consistently stay on the forefront of your customers mind.

For more reasons why your company should stay involved in social media, take a look at the rest of the article!

Do you have any success stories when it comes to social media? What has been working for your brand? Share with us, below!

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