Vendor Spotlight: Chocolate Chocolate


Our Chocolate

For over 20 years, we have used only the finest quality 100% Belgian milk and dark chocolate in our products.  Our chocolate starts with top quality cocoa beans from responsibly managed family farms in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, countries known for their exceptional cocoa quality.  In selecting beans, our supplier makes sure that the farmers receive fair prices, and are supported with technical assistance and educational benefits.

In Belgium, the bean are carefully roasted and processed into fine chocolate using premium European ingredients and equipment.  Then it’s shipped to us in containers.

Our recipe calls for an extra measure of cocoa butter – the single most expensive ingredient.  This contributes to the glossy appearance of our products, and their smooth, luxurious “mouth feel”.

Our Process

Chocolate Chocolate pioneered engraved custom chocolate 20 years ago with the introduction of precision short-run molds made entirely “in-house”.  Our technology was patented in the U.S. and other major countries, and to this day remains an “exclusive” with us.  Nobody else offers the level of fine detail we achieve – right down to the smallest feature of your artwork.  Over the years we’ve expanded our product line with scores of new sizes and shapes, added specialized support equipment, and expanded available packaging options.  We now offer custom printed color lids, sleeves, and wrappers  – available quickly, in short runs, and at reasonable cost.

We’re proud that all Chocolate Chocolate design and production takes place in our factory in Washington State, near the Canadian border.  All packaging for your corporate gift chocolate, as well as the cartons it’s shipped in, is also made in the U.S.

Our Service

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help.  Our customer service professionals can guide you easily through the order process.  Our advanced art department will help with design ideas.  Our shipping department prides itself in ensuring that your final product arrives at your door in pristine condition.

Music In The Workplace


Whether we’re at the grocery store or in an elevator, it seems like we are constantly surrounded by music. Music has the potential to alter our mood and even the way we interact.  In fact, studies have shown that the music you hear in a restaurant may even affect the way you eat and how much you eat. For example, more up-scale restaurants tend to play slower music to relax the guests so they can better enjoy their dining experience. Fast food restaurants, on the other hand, tend to play trendy, pop music to speed up your stay and possibly make you eat faster and potentially consume more.

When it comes to the workplace, music has gone from overhead static to a way for employees to cancel out excess noise and better focus on the task at hand. A recent article, from Bloomberg Businessweek, explains the different ways music can affect our brains when used in the workplace.

Among the benefits discussed is the ability to focus. Certain music, according to the article, can trigger memories and help increase one’s attention to detail. This may help in projects like writing, hands-on projects and even surgery!

Some may argue, though, that the use of music in the workplace can cause employees to collaborate and interact less with those around them.

What do you think?

Do you incorporate music into your workday? If so, what is your genre of choice?


What is a Hashtag and Why is it Important?

hashtag july7

A hashtag is a way to group conversations to see who is talking about your brand, product, event, etc. Think of it as an index at a library. You are indexing your conversations by using a specific title –or tag- which you can reference right away or months down the road.

By using a hashtag in your tweets and posts you are also inviting others to engage in the conversation. By doing so you allow your customers to voice their opinions about your product, post pictures from your event, or even participate in an online contest. Using hashtags also makes it easier to track customer complaints and respond to them in a more timely manner.

To construct a hashtag use the “#” sign at the front of the phrase; do not include any spaces or punctuation. For example, Indoff may use #IndoffCorporateSTL in our tweets to refer to something happening at Indoff’s headquarters. By others adding this hashtag to their tweets the corporate office, and anyone else, can click on the tag and follow the conversation in real-time! Be careful that you don’t overuse hashtags in your posts. Over doing it can make your post unattractive and can confuse your audience

Twitter is known for its use of hashtags, but lately many other social media platforms are starting to follow suit. Sites like Instagram and Tumblr have integrated the tags and rumor has it that Facebook will soon be hashtag compatible as well. This means that learning how to properly use a hashtag, as a company, may become more prominent in the very near future.

Still unsure about what a hashtag actually does? Take a look at these helpful articles below!

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What are your thoughts on hashtags? Share with us below!

March Vendor Spotlight: Interior Concepts


Interior Concepts, a privately held company, has been designing and manufacturing furniture in Spring Lake, MI since 1992.  Interior Concepts is pleased to offer extraordinary value-added furniture that is manufactured in the United States.

Why choose Interior Concepts?

Interior Concepts manufactures the best space saving furniture on the market thanks to our one-inch thick panel system that can be modified by the inch. Our innovative modular panel system takes up less room and allows you to do more with less. We build our furniture around the existing architecture, like columns and utility access panels, to provide the best utilization of your space. Interior Concepts has the ability to comfortably fit more people into your space or create more usable space in any given area.

Standard products are fast becoming a commodity with price being the only differentiation. With the ability to maximize space and modify our furniture, all in a timely and economical fashion, we provide a product that will work better and be competitive for years to come. Our customers know that they do not have to settle on standard, when they have the ability to get exactly what they need to enhance their business. Watch our customers tell their story in the Testimonials section of our website.

Ensure your furniture solution is exactly what you need – without leaving your desk.

With a phone and web connection, we can show how the furniture, layouts, and colors you’ve selected will look in your space — and even make live changes giving you an up-to-date visual of your furniture solution. View this link to learn more

Interior Concepts looks forward to working with you on your next project.