March Vendor Spotlight: Interior Concepts


Interior Concepts, a privately held company, has been designing and manufacturing furniture in Spring Lake, MI since 1992.  Interior Concepts is pleased to offer extraordinary value-added furniture that is manufactured in the United States.

Why choose Interior Concepts?

Interior Concepts manufactures the best space saving furniture on the market thanks to our one-inch thick panel system that can be modified by the inch. Our innovative modular panel system takes up less room and allows you to do more with less. We build our furniture around the existing architecture, like columns and utility access panels, to provide the best utilization of your space. Interior Concepts has the ability to comfortably fit more people into your space or create more usable space in any given area.

Standard products are fast becoming a commodity with price being the only differentiation. With the ability to maximize space and modify our furniture, all in a timely and economical fashion, we provide a product that will work better and be competitive for years to come. Our customers know that they do not have to settle on standard, when they have the ability to get exactly what they need to enhance their business. Watch our customers tell their story in the Testimonials section of our website.

Ensure your furniture solution is exactly what you need – without leaving your desk.

With a phone and web connection, we can show how the furniture, layouts, and colors you’ve selected will look in your space — and even make live changes giving you an up-to-date visual of your furniture solution. View this link to learn more

Interior Concepts looks forward to working with you on your next project.

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