May Vendor Spotlight: OFM


OFM began in 1995 when Abel Zalcberg, a furniture-industry veteran, realized there was an opportunity in the marketplace for a company that could have faster delivery times by keeping inventory in stock.  Using personal savings, he and his wife Barbara set up an office in their home, printed up a catalog and sold chairs from vendors Abel had worked with in the past. They believed that quick delivery—take an order in the morning, ship it the same afternoon—would set their young company apart. The plan worked and the company is still known for its fast shipping.

Today, OFM is a thriving wholesale operation that specializes in providing affordable furniture to general businesses and government offices, as well as schools and hospitals. The company sells just about everything needed to furnish an office out of its 124,000-square- foot office and warehouse in Holly Springs. OFM also contracts with manufacturers in Mexico, Taiwan and China to design furniture and products that meet its exacting standards.

Despite its growth, OFM remains a family affair. Barbara and Abel’s son, Blake, started as a 12-year-old – filing papers when the business was still based at home and later spending summers and afternoons after school working in the warehouse. He joined OFM full-time eight years ago and now serves as the company’s chief executive officer.

OFM continually looks for new ways to support its dealers, and in January 2013, the OFM library launched on 20-20 Giza. Dealers who already use 20-20 software can download the OFM library from the 20-20 website, or they can contact their OFM account representative for any help with layouts and space planning.

The OFM product lineup includes all kinds of seating from basic task chairs to the new Avenger series Big and Tall chairs which are rated up to 500 pounds.  OFM also carries modular furniture and panels, café and cafeteria furniture, casegoods, storage solutions – and all of it is still shipping same day!

At the OFM website,, customers will find a wealth of information. Product photos can be turned around to view a product from all angles. Videos demonstrating the products will help customers visualize and understand how a product can benefit them. Real-time stock check and product specifications are also available.

Indoff partners can rely on OFM for unique solutions that customers will love, with lightning fast shipping, a limited lifetime warranty and great customer service to back it all up.



Vendor Spotlight: Neutral Posture

neutral-posture-logoIn 1989 the mother/daughter team of Jaye Congleton and Rebecca Congleton Boenigk recognized an opportunity to manufacture and distribute Dr. Jerome Congleton’s concept for the Neutral Posture chair. Congleton’s ground-breaking research on a seating system that would support the neutral body posture, discovered by NASA, was the cumulative result of both a distinguished U.S. Air Force career (213 Combat Missions) and a subsequent career in Industrial Engineering and Safety. With his daughter, Rebecca, serving as his research assistant, Congleton developed the seating system of pressure-reducing contours and custom-fitting adjustments that would serve as the basis for the Neutral Posture seating design concept.

Years later, working from their garage, Rebecca and Jaye were able to raise enough working capital to start Neutral Posture, Inc.  Surviving by hard work and word-of-mouth advertising; they instituted a generous policy of providing demonstration models to any customer – a philosophy that still exists today. Neutral Posture is now an international company with numerous award-winning patented products and the personnel to match. With facilities in both Texas and Ontario, Canada, Neutral Posture has become a highly imitated and respected leader in adjustable office and industrial seating products of all kinds. As the only certified Women’s Business Enterprise in seating, Neutral Posture has rewritten the rules of quality, customer service and value with the most exceptional product offering in the furniture industry. From ergonomic niche products to state-of-the-art mid-market products, Neutral Posture is the new corporate seating standard for ergonomic-conscious employers and organizations throughout North America.

From the state-of-the-art Neutral Posture® series to the line of workplace accessories, Neutral Posture’s products are based on the concept of the neutral body posture. This natural, stress free position is the body’s preferred posture, similar to the free floating posture experienced when totally relaxed in a swimming pool, or the posture typically associated with astronauts floating in space. Neutral Posture products were developed to help users emulate the body’s preferred position while they work, because it is in this posture that the body achieves equidistant spacing of the vertebrae and an ideal balance in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., Neutral Posture is committed to supporting and forming relationships with diverse businesses. Known for innovation and forward thinking, Neutral Posture has emerged as a top diversity supplier of seating for the U.S. Government and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. As a Woman Owned Office Furniture Manufacturer, Neutral Posture has a packaged office contract that includes many great manufacturing partners. Neutral Posture is also willing to team with other manufacturers to help support strong GSA Dealers and meet the needs of their customers.

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Steps To Successfully Update Your Profile


Do you have a personal or company profile on a site like Facebook or Twitter, but haven’t had the time to get involved with it or are new to the social media scene all together?

Think of your profile as if it were an actual person. From time to time, we all need to take a minute for ourselves. Whether it’s buying a new suit for work or setting a new goal to achieve, it is good to revamp – or update- your image and what you want for yourself.

There are a few simple steps, specifically, that will ease the transition from the “old” you on social media to the “new” you.

According to an article on, the first three steps are as simple as updating your profile picture, cover picture and “about me” section. Being relevant will let your followers know you are constantly present on social media.

The next two steps are to evaluate which sites would best benefit you and your company and who you should be sharing your content with. Not all social media sites will best fit your company; it’s up to you to decide where your target audience lies and how to approach them. When it comes to deciding who to “share” with, think about the type of relationships you want to build. For example, Facebook is great for up close and personal relationships, whereas Twitter and LinkedIn are better for building a network.

Next is consistency. If you post a mere once a week, chances are that people may forget about you. By creating schedule, you can maintain your presence and have a better chance of staying on your audience’s mind.

These six steps are an easy way to jump-start your page. For the next six steps, check out the original article here:


Finding The Right Time To Post

Do you ever feel like the content you post on your social media sites isn’t getting as much attention as you think it should be getting? The problem may not be whether or not your content is relatable; it could be the time that you are posting it. There are several tools you can use to track interaction and keep track of what is most popular among your followers. Although this infographic (from Social Media Today) can’t track your activity, it does provide some great guidelines on timing. Take a look!


Creating An Online Presence


Years ago, the internet was such a new concept that the majority of the public didn’t have direct access to it and using it to find a job was unheard of. Now, fast forwarding to present day, an online presence is in some cases crucial to even being considered for a position. From online portfolios to professional profiles, we are slowly becoming accustomed to putting our work history and experience on the web for anyone and everyone to see. In fact, recruiters are using this information to contact potential prospects now more than ever.

So what will happen to resume writing and hard copies down the road?

Well, a recent article suggests that there will be no need for those in the coming years. Your online presence may be enough for employers to decide whether or not they want you on their team. Social networking is becoming a norm and many companies are beginning to ask for inquires via email only; no phone calls.  This means your presence on social media sites and the resume you build for yourself online needs to be a memorable and appropriate one.

Of course the most important part of this “new age” job search is creating a sense of passion for the position. Passion communicates that you are not only interested in the job, but would put forth your best effort if you were selected. According to the author of the article, “…Employers like to see people who are enjoying their work because they will be more productive and help foster a stronger corporate culture.” So, since meeting face to face and talking seem to not be an option until the interview process begins, a positive and professional presence throughout the internet is crucial!

Do you agree with the article? Why or why not?