Partner Meet & Greet: Keith Harris


Meet Keith Harris! Keith is a part of Indoff’s Promotional Products division. Get to know more about Keith from the questions below!


What is one of your career goals for 2013?

To be more successful in my business than in 2012.    

-If you could live anywhere in the world, no strings attached, where would you live? Why?

The Gulf coast of MS, AL, GA, FL including the Florida Keys. I grew up traveling those parts with my family and enjoy the wildlife and water sports.     

-What is your favorite movie?

We Are Marshall – GO HERD!

-What would you do with a million dollars?

Put some away for college funds for the kids, donate to a local charity and save what is left for my wife and I to have when we retire.

-How long have you been in the business?

6 ½ years

-What is one thing you are most proud of?

My two daughters, Jessica and Emily. The amaze me every day.  

-What is your favorite quote?

“Be like a duck and let the water roll right off you back.”

What made you decide to join Indoff?

Being a part of a national company and having the support from the office staff and upper management at any time.

What do you enjoy most about working at Indoff?

The people! Everyone is like family.  

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Vendor Spotlight: Strong Hold

strong-hold-products-L22432In 1993, we set out to design the ultimate industrial storage product. Our vision was to manufacture a product capable of withstanding the treatment common to an industrial environment. Included in this vision was the need to securely store heavy tools and valuables. Strong Hold Products is the realization of this vision. Our storage cabinets, lockers, shop desks, and related products are the strongest, most secure in the marketplace. Our products can be found in manufacturing, warehousing, pharmaceutical, financial, and educational facilities throughout the U.S. Our determination doesn’t stop here. We continue to meet the ever changing needs of the most important people we know, our customers!

Strong Hold Products is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction. Implementing and maintaining an efficient, effective quality management system can aide us in achieving this goal. This can be accomplished through the continuous improvement of our manufacturing process, ongoing training of our employees and dedication to understanding our customers’ needs.


DURABLE – Strong Hold Products’ production team is dedicated to providing the most durable cabinet available today. Twelve-gauge steel is sheared, formed, welded, steam-cleaned then painted to produce a solid, strong and dependable cabinet. Our product is designed to withstand years of industrial abuse and tough treatment.

FAST – Our products are shipped completely assembled and ready to use. There is no lost time for shelf installation or setup.

ECONOMICAL – Our production methods allow us to pass savings on to you. Strong Hold Products’ cabinets are comparably priced to competing light gauge steel cabinets, yet provide a far superior, lasting product. There are no minimum order quantities at Strong Hold Products.

SECURE – Our three point locking system is designed for a heavy padlock. This feature, along with our cast iron handle, padlock tang, 3/8″ angle receiver, and 8-gauge hinge, compliments the 12-gauge welded body design.

Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

For additional information, please visit

Vendor Spotlight: Liqui-Mark


For over 38 years LIQUI-MARK has been a manufacturer and importer of high quality, innovative writing and drawing instruments. LIQUI-MARK was started in 1974 in Brooklyn, NY by Stuart Goodelman. He built the business by manufacturing private label markers and pens to some of the country’s largest mass marketers of the day. By 1985 he expanded the business to include his own line of LIQUI-MARK brand products.

In 1994 LIQUI-MARK experienced an influx of new business that stretched its manufacturing and warehousing capacity to the extent that Stuart needed to take action. In 1994 Stuart and LIQUI-MARK left their roots in Brooklyn and moved to Long Island, NY. At this new location he assembled a team of talented marketing, R&D and sales personnel that enabled LIQUI-MARK to grow its product line to offer a well-respected, vast array of product for the retail and commercial marketplace.

In 2005, LIQUI-MARK started a Promotional Products Division. With their in-house printing capabilities, LIQUI-MARK is able to successfully serve an incredible network of distributors, printing corporate logos for various promotions and events on a wide variety of writing instruments. All LIQUI-MARK writing instrument products are great for all promotions, marketing campaigns and corporate branding. With the large imprint area your company logo and message will never be missed on a LIQUI-MARK marker or pen!

In December 2005 LIQUI-MARK relocated to a larger, more efficient production facility in Hauppauge, NY.

LIQUI-MARK markers and pens are available in a spectrum of styles and colors that satisfy many tastes and needs. Choices include basic children’s washable and watercolor markers to fun, creativity inspiring stamp and color changing markers. For older children and adults there is a multitude of writing instruments such as highlighters, roller ball, gel, stick and retractable pens.

People of all ages throughout the country use LIQUI-MARK products in their homes and classrooms. Because of the wide use of their products by children, it is imperative that they are free of toxic substances.

To ensure the integrity and safety of their products LIQUI-MARK’s quality control department requires all marker and pen inks to be tested at an independent laboratory to certify and document they are non-toxic and meet or exceed the ASTM D-4236 standard. Not only are their washable and waterbase inks ASTM D-4236 approved, but they also have been evaluated for non-toxicity at Duke University’s Laboratories and have been issued the AP Seal from The Art and Creative Materials Institute. The AP Seal signifies the highest standard for safety and quality.

Through the hard work and talent of its employees, LIQUI-MARK will continue to strive to provide value and exceptional quality writing and drawing instruments to consumers for many years to come.

Vendor Product Spotlight: Tombow Has Gone Green!

New Tombow Logo Vertical Red and Gray

More and more companies are stepping up and going green. With landfills overflowing and global warming becoming a bigger issue, their efforts couldn’t have come at a better time. These companies are doing everything from producing safer cleaning solutions to redesigning a best-selling item to include recyclable components.

One company in particular is contributing to this hopefully long-term trend. Tombow, one of Indoff’s many Vendors, has improved a few of their most popular products to incorporate post-consumer waste (pcw) recycled content. The materials are purchased from a recycling company and consist of unsold compact disk cases.

The recycled product, unlike many other companies’ recycled products, does not have increased pricing or a SKU change. All you have to do is continue to purchase the same way you have done in the past!

You can “like” Tombow At Work on Facebook or take a look at their website for more information!

Can’t wait? Check out this infographic to get to know a few of their products!