Vendor Product Spotlight: Tombow Has Gone Green!

New Tombow Logo Vertical Red and Gray

More and more companies are stepping up and going green. With landfills overflowing and global warming becoming a bigger issue, their efforts couldn’t have come at a better time. These companies are doing everything from producing safer cleaning solutions to redesigning a best-selling item to include recyclable components.

One company in particular is contributing to this hopefully long-term trend. Tombow, one of Indoff’s many Vendors, has improved a few of their most popular products to incorporate post-consumer waste (pcw) recycled content. The materials are purchased from a recycling company and consist of unsold compact disk cases.

The recycled product, unlike many other companies’ recycled products, does not have increased pricing or a SKU change. All you have to do is continue to purchase the same way you have done in the past!

You can “like” Tombow At Work on Facebook or take a look at their website for more information!

Can’t wait? Check out this infographic to get to know a few of their products!


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