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Benefits of Wire Mesh Decking From WWMH


Manufacturing has never been so efficient. Think back. Even twenty or thirty years ago, the processes we had in place were solely based on low costs and high speeds. Today, safety and accomplishing tasks with both urgency and quality in mind is how most of us want our businesses to operate. Pallet racking in the warehouse is one area where managers can find ways to be both safe and efficient. Wire mesh decking is a popular option that will increase the safety and efficiency of any warehouse application.

 Heavy Duty

For decades, wood boards were used in warehouses to provide additional support under the pallets that were being stored. The problem was that wood was expensive, labor intensive, and created an additional fire hazard. Wood boards also had the tendency to collect dust and debris and sometimes even fall out of place, creating a more dangerous work environment. Wire mesh decking was designed to eliminate these problems and provide a cost-effective solution.

 Heavy gauge wire is welded into wide grid deck panels. Channel supports are added to form a very strong and rigid wire deck structure that can support 2500 lbs or more. The final step is a high quality and durable powder coat finish that will protect the all-welded wire deck from corrosion. The result is a far stronger product that increases safety and efficiency at a lower cost.

 Easy Installation

Wire mesh decking is one of the most popular accessories in pallet racking, and is far superior to wood decking due to its strength and safety features. No tools necessary, the wire decking installs with ease. The wire mesh deck drops effortlessly into place and rests on the beams. Additionally, the mesh design offers 100% sprinkler flow to meet all fire safety standards and requirements.


We can customize our computers and smart phones, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same with our warehouse equipment and accessories? Pallet racking is no exception. With our custom wire mesh deck designs, you can have versatility and functionality that meet your specific warehouse needs. Some common wire mesh deck options include: flared channel, flush fit, inside waterfall, step channel, inverted, and more.

 Wire mesh decking is the most commonly requested option for pallet rack applications in today’s industry. Whether loading full pallets or hand stacking small cartons, these super strong wire decks give you durability and versatility for changing applications, while meeting safety and fire code requirements. Make sure you take time to find the best supplier that can provide you with custom sizes that meet your specific warehouse needs!

 About the Author:

Courtney Zwintscher is the marketing coordinator for Worldwide Material Handling, the largest supplier of wire mesh decking in the world. Worldwide Material Handling specializes in custom pallet rack accessory orders that cater to warehouse needs. For more information, visit: