Sales Phrases To Avoid


Sales can be a tough profession. It is not meant for everyone, but for those who thrive in the business, it can be extremely profitable. For the ones that are able to make it in the industry, there are many tactics and touch points that they employ to make them so successful. Whether it’s the marketing materials they use to reach out to their customer base or the number of relationships they build, they are continuously finding ways to stay involved with their customer’s buying habits.

One way sales people and organizations get in touch with us is through Interactive Marketing (email, direct mail, etc.). Many people, as customers, are used to the generic headlines and taglines that come along with these pieces. These include “Our Valued Customer” and “For More Information”.  Since we see these kind of greeting styles on an almost daily basis, they become dull and expected; exactly what you don’t want your customers to think they are.

What are some other taglines you think are over used or have the power of getting you “deleted”?

Here is a recent article from INC on 12 commonly used phrases that have the potential to cost you a sale. Do you agree with the listed phrases?

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