The Next Big Trends

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The “business world” is constantly evolving. We try to find new ways of doing things that will not only help us sell more, but introduce ourselves to new audiences.  It seems that every year a new idea emerges from professionals throughout the marketing, advertising, and promotions industries. Many have the potential to become the next big thing while others dissolve as fast as they were produced.  Business professionals use these ideas to build their own innovations which have the potential to turn into the next big thing. Take a look at a recent article that highlights a few top professionals and their thoughts on what’s to come and what is important to incorporate into your company strategy in the coming months.

The article goes over everything from creative storytelling to mobile optimization and highlights some interesting points.

Here is a trend that caught my eye from business professional, Tara West !

“Key Trend: Link Building Strategy

Why? I think link building strategy will become more important as an online marketing skill. As Google’s algorithm becomes more and more attuned to identifying unnatural link profiles, it will become even more important to have a sound strategy behind your link building efforts to ensure they remain natural and you don’t get caught out by an algorithm update. Link strategy basically involves lots of analysis of your current and historical link profile, as well as the link profile of your competitors. This information is then used to build a detailed plan of the kinds of links, quantity of links, and frequency of links to be built over the future months.

 What do you think will be the next big trend? Do you agree with the article?

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