Getting New and Loyal Customers


Everyone says that one of the hardest things about running a business is developing long-lasting, loyal customers. They say that getting new ones is easy, but getting return business from someone can be a bit more work. While they are correct, it is essential to gain more and new customers as your business grows. Before you decide to use traditional methods of gaining customers, think of ways to turn them into repeat customers right off of the bat!

In a recent article from, young entrepreneurs offer new – and forgotten- ways to attract new customers and clients that will turn a one-time buyer into a potentially loyal “fan” of yours. There are a few suggestions, like “making weekly calls”, that may not get you what you’re looking for, but others like “experimenting with the odds” may have some validity. For instance, if you’re current ad campaign isn’t producing the type of results you prefer, try mixing it up! Do something you normally wouldn’t (unless, of course, it would hurt more than help).  Creating new ideas and implementing them is a great way to test your strategy and potentially gain a whole new market.

What are other ideas that you can think of that pull in new customers? Share with us below!

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