Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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It is very important that, when we can, we try to do our part to reuse & recycle products that have the potential to be reinvented. By doing this we not only save space in our landfills, but preserve energy and the Earth’s natural resources. Natural materials like iron ore and coal are constantly used in making new products. By finding a way to reuse, recycle, or refurbish your old goods, you will be single-handedly helping preserve the environment around you. This can be anything from a water bottle to a filing system!

Recently, one of our Indoff Sales Partners, Marsha Olinghouse, did her part in going green. She and her team worked with a Wells Fargo branch in West Chester, Ohio and all together saved 10.8 TONS of metal!

“We try hard to always ask our installers to use care and not to fill the landfills with furniture removed from the decommission or other disposals,” Marsha explains. “My installer said that the old file cabinets were recycled. Also (50) chairs and (5) files were donated to a nonprofit Adoption Center. The workstations were sent to be refurbished for future use. The only items that were put in a dumpster were old wood work surfaces from the stations.”

Here is the breakdown of what Marsha was able to save:

-27032.5 lbs Of Iron Ore Saved!

-10813 lbs Of Coal Saved!

-432.52 lbs Of Limestone Saved!

“We take many measures in recycling and try to be green every day,” Marsha says.

Indoff is very proud of Marsha and all of our Partners who do their best to “Go Green”!

Do you reuse and recycle? Share your stories below!

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