How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep




For many of us, sleep is a precious thing. With everything from long work hours to growing families, many of us treasure those seven or eight hours each night. For many more, those hours are ripped away with thoughts of deadlines, projects, and other tiresome issues.

So how can we make the most of a good night’s sleep while maintaining the important things in our lives?

A recent article explores a few good ideas on how you can lower your stress, resulting in better sleeping patterns. The article makes some very good points, one of which I particularly liked.

“Create a cutoff time…and make a plan for tomorrow. “

We tend to live our lives so fast that at times we may forget to enjoy ourselves. While closing that deal or completing that project is very important, chances are it can wait until the morning. The article explains, “If stopping makes you feel guilty, write down what you need to do first thing tomorrow. You’ll rest easier knowing you have a plan to take care of what you didn’t get done today.”

Not only will this get you ready to continue business as usual, but it will allow you to have a fresh perspective at tackling the job bright and early!

What do you think? Do you agree with this article?


Indoff Acquires Allied Appliance

We are happy to announce that we have entered into an agreement to acquire Allied Appliance Sales Company, a national appliance sales company based out of St. Louis, MO.

“We’re very excited about this acquisition,” says Jim Malkus, President of Indoff. “The Allied organization shares our commitment to quality, service and providing value to our customers. We believe the two organizations will combine seamlessly.”

With this acquisition we will expand the broad range of products that we are able to provide our customers, and the Allied organization will have access to Indoff’s technology, financial strength and similar customer base. “We think this is a natural fit,” says Ted Haines, President of Allied. “We are looking forward to growing our sales through our association with Indoff.”

Allied will operate as a division of Indoff. “We think this is a logical extension of our product offering, and we are excited to be adding the talents and skills of the Allied group,” says Malkus.