Vendor Product Spotlight: Ennis Inc.


This week’s spotlight is on Ennis Incorporated. Ennis is an Indoff Business Products Vendor originating out of Ennis, Texas.

Ennis was founded in 1909 as a single print shop. They have since grown into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of print and apparel products for wholesale trade. For over 100 years, Ennis has been an industry leader offering high-quality products, reliable service and innovative solutions.

The products they have chosen to feature are their SAFE™ Sleeve and the Self-Seal Secure Mailer.

#1 - CCS Open-Print bleeds

SAFE™ Sleeve

Trade Envelopes®, an Ennis Company, has created the SAFE™ sleeve which is designed to prevent the possibility of the RFID chip from emitting a readable signal into the airwaves. The need to block this signal will continue to grow in demand as more credit and debit cards convert from magnetic strips to RFID technology. The SAFE™ sleeve is tear resistant, and available with up to 4-color custom printing.

-Available For:


-Credit Cards

-Identification Cards

-Public Transportation Cards

-Company ID Cards

-Department of Defense CAC’s


secureX2 copy

Self-Seal Secure Mailer

PrintXcel® has developed a new blocking technology called SecureX™. This new product was created to prevent LED light from penetrating through traditional blockout patterns in the VersaSeal® self-mailer. This mailer has a series of blockouts along with special die-cuts that can be used to prevent sensitive data from being detected.

-Useful For:



-Test Results


-Billing Information

-Game Pieces

-Tax Information


-Investment Information


Would you like to know more about Ennis Inc. and their products? Click here!


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