Indoff’s National Sales Meeting

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During the last week of April, Indoff conducted their National Sales Meeting in downtown St. Louis for the 23rd consecutive year. Sales Partners and Vendors were invited from around the United States to partake in this three day event.

The National Sales Meeting kicked off with registration and social hour on Thursday evening. The next two days provided attendees with Vendor classes, a Vendor show, Corporate classes and an awards dinner. This was the perfect opportunity for Sales Partners, Vendors and Corporate staff to share ideas, success stories and challenges all while reconnecting and meeting new people.

President and CEO of Indoff, Jim Malkus writes, “The Sales Meeting remains the single most important unifying event of the year for our company. We often refer to it as a ‘family reunion’ of sorts, and it is great to see our old friends and catch up on life.”

Indoff’s Partner Program allows its Sales Partners to provide limitless solutions to their customers thanks to Indoff’s administrative, financial and technological support. Their Sales Partners’ knowledge and expertise, access to thousands of vendors and competitive pricing are a few characteristics that make Indoff’s nationwide network successful.

3 thoughts on “Indoff’s National Sales Meeting

  1. The Sales Meeting is a valuable tool not only for the knowledge it provides but also the opportunity it provides to meet and get to know the Indoff staff and fellow partners. In addition we have the chance to catch up with the friends that have been made through Indoff. I am sorry I was unable to attend the meeting this year and look forward to seeing everyone at the next get-together

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