Vendor Product Spotlight: Superior Manufacturing Group


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Our first Spotlight, this week, is on Superior Manufacturing Group. Superior Manufacturing Group has grown from a modest manufacturing and repair shop to a leading manufacturer of floor matting products worldwide. With manufacturing facilities in both North America and Europe, Superior Manufacturing remains committed to customer service, quality products and sales support. Superior is widely recognized for the NoTrax® floor matting line but also manufactures economy floor mats, food service products, and mats for the home.


The product they have chosen to feature is their Arrow Trax™ mats. Arrow Trax™ mats provide a high quality, yet visually appealing product for areas that see their share of foot traffic. They have a durable herringbone pattern that offers non-directional scraping action and moisture retention. The mats have a full 38 ounces of needle-punched yarn per square yard that provides the highest degree of crush resistance. Arrow Trax™ is part of our GreenTrax™ program, providing high quality mats for green cleaning environments.   Arrow Trax™ is offered in a variety of colors and sizes. These mats are best used in  main entryways, employee entrances, or any and all heavy traffic areas.

To get more information on this company and their many products, click here!


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