Vendor Product Spotlight: The Book Company



Take a look at our Q & A session with The Book Company!


  1. Please give us some company background.

My wife and I started out as cookbook publishers more than 15 years ago, creating and selling small cookbooks to housewares companies for use as premiums and in-pack items, featuring a logo and product information inside.  Moving beyond the cookbook arena into other published books while extending our reach to additional types of companies seemed like a natural extension. So in 2002, we decided to re-focus our business away from direct-selling and bring published books into the promotional product industry.


At that time, customizing published books was a completely foreign concept to distributors and their clients. It even took time convincing the top book publishing houses to allow us to exclusive distribute their books to this new market.  Today, I’m proud to say we sell millions of books that support thousands of promotions for many of our industry’s top distributors and their high-profile, often Fortune 500, clients.


  1.    Which of your books are hot sellers right now?

I’m often asked this question and here is my answer… Unlike every other supplier, with books there aren’t really hot sellers. Some years we sell more city/state books or quote books or business books or coffee table style photo books, so there are topics that are “hot” but we don’t have bestsellers, like a bookstore would.  With our new, exclusively designed, journal collections, our hot sellers include our COOL, GROOVE and RHYTHM collections… these are selling so fast we can barely keep them in stock.


  1.    What are some of the top markets for books?

Books are read, discussed, shared, displayed and never thrown away, so top markets are typically those that promote to a more educated audience. Any company or organization that deals with professional people including, banks and finance, technology, insurance, healthcare, travel and professional services are several of the top markets.


  1.    What makes books unique promotional giveaways?

Different from other typical promo products, books are communication tools and keepsake gifts. My experienced account teams are extremely good at finding 2-3 books to perfectly represent every end-user’s brand, theme, message and budget. With books, there is only one question that truly matters… “What are you trying to say and who are you trying to say it too.”  It’s our job to help distributors find books that make their client’s say “WOW! I love it! I would never have thought of that idea!”


  1.    What features should distributor sales reps note when pitching books to clients?

The most important features are the meaningful, keepsake nature of books, the opportunity for full-color customization on a book’s first page or front jacket, and, of course, the message of the specific book itself and the meaningful connection that book makes with the recipients…far deeper and longer-lasting than most other promo items. Bottom line: books are impactful, rarely get thrown away, are easy to customize, and come in almost every price range.


6.    Can you share detailed info about one or two promotions for which your books were used (case studies)?

Salespeople at the Boston-based technology company Iron Mountain giveaway customized copies of the book “Leaders Eat Last,” by popular business book author Simon Sinek, to their top clients and new prospects.  The message on the customized promo-page inside the book cover reads: “Just as Leaders Eat Last explains how loyalty is earned when leaders put the needs of others first, you can rest assured knowing Iron Mountain is your trusted information management partner who can be relied on to put your business objectives ahead of anything else.”


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Vendor Spotlight: Maple Ridge Farms



Believe it or not, it’s almost the end of the year! Maple Ridge Farms has some great tips on how you can increase your 4th quarter sales so you can reach your end-of-year goals! Take a look:

The Easiest Way to Increase Your 4th Quarter Sales – Food Gifts

It’s easy to sell holiday food gifts if you know a few basic points. The best place to start is with your existing customers. According to American Express, half of all business gifts purchased for the holidays are food gifts. Business food gift sales are estimated to be about $5 billion dollars. If your customers aren’t asking to buy food gifts from you, chances are it’s because they don’t know you sell food gifts.

Here are 7 Key Facts to help you secure their business:

  1. Convenience! Rather than sending an employee to the store or spending hours on the internet trying to find the right gifts, clients can easily purchase their food gifts from you.
  2. Gifts to promote your client’s company and help build their brand. When recipients open their gift, the first thing they’ll see is your client’s logo.
  3. Value driven pricing. Our volume purchasing and the absence of certain middle-men allows clients to purchase gifts from you for less than they would have to pay elsewhere for stuffy, overpriced brand names.
  4. Fresher gifts taste better! Our gifts are packed-to-order just before the order is shipped, not made up many months in advance like so many gifts from the mail-order and retail giants.
  5. We can arrange for shipment to the client or directly to each recipient. We will even enclose their greeting or business card.
  6. No catalogs or promotional literature in your client’s gifts. Maple Ridge Farms never puts its catalog or promotional literature in your client’s gifts which is a very common practice for the giant food gift companies.
  7. 7. No risk . . . because all gifts come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Be proactive!  Make sure you clients know it is easy to purchase their holiday food gifts from you!

Maple Ridge Farms has been named the top food gift company in the promotional products industry for 14 years in a row. Business gift programs are our only business, so we understand your needs.  For 35 years we have been helping businesses strengthen their relationships with their customers and employees – and we’re eager to put the experience to work for you!

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Do You Know The Truth About Indoff?

indoff-logo-template_copy big


Do you know the truth about Indoff?


Here are some frequently asked questions about Indoff and our Partner Program:

Does Indoff make their Partners sign a non-compete agreement?

No, your customer base belongs to you. If a situation arises that would cause you to leave Indoff, your customers can go with you.

Does Indoff require a franchise fee to become a Partner?

Indoff is not a franchise organization. You will be an employee of Indoff.

Does Indoff assign me a sales territory?

Indoff does not have territory restrictions because this limits your selling potential. We do have account protection, if you develop an account, then you should profit from the relationship.

When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid at the end of the month following when the sale is invoiced. For example, if your sale is invoiced in January, then you are paid commission on that sale at the end of February. Commissions are paid based on invoicing, not when the customer pays.

Will I be an independent contractor?

You will be a W2 employee of Indoff and are therefore eligible to participate in our benefits program. You will also be covered by our liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

Does Indoff cover marketing or office expenses?

Indoff provides a cell phone/internet monthly stipend, office expenses and an annual marketing budget.

Do I have to pay out of pocket for my deliveries and installs?

No, Indoff pays the vendors direct and it becomes a job cost that we split 50/50.

Does Indoff have preferred vendors?

Indoff has access to almost every vendor nationwide with competitive pricing.  We allow you to work with the vendors you are comfortable with or have experience working with in the past.  You receive the true cost from the manufacture and you set your own pricing.


We hope you learned something new! Do you have questions about the Program? Contact our National Marketing Manager, Angela Suntrup at

Vendor Product Spotlight: Vantage Apparel



This week we are re-focusing on one of Indoff’s promotional products Vendors, Vantage Apparel. For more than 35 years, Vantage Apparel has been the top-ranked brand of identity apparel chosen to promote the names and logos of the country’s leading corporations, resorts, golf courses, colleges and casinos.

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The product they are highlighting this week is their Vansport™ Performance Pullover. The Pullover is made of 100% polyester and 6¾ oz. twill knit with Vansport™ moisture management. It also has the following features:

•Stand-up self-goods collar

• ¼-zip neck with contrast grey zipper

•Grey triple-needle top-stitching at raglan sleeves

•Front and back vertical seams

•Even-hemmed bottom

•Vansport™ tagless label


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