The Truth About Indoff Quiz Results!

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A couple of months ago we created a quiz, “Do You Know the Truth About Indoff?”, to address some misconceptions about Indoff.  From the quiz results, we were able to gain insight into what people believe to be true about Indoff and our Partner Program. Below are some of the results and answers to the major misconceptions. We want everyone to know the truth about Indoff.

  • 77% of quiz participants believe that Indoff has preferred vendors that have to be used.
    • Indoff Partners have access to thousands of vendors nationwide with competitive pricing. We allow you to work with the vendors you are comfortable with or have experience working with in the past.  You receive the true cost from the manufacturer and you set your own pricing. This is due to our excellent vendor relationships and strong credit rating.
  • 74% of those that took the quiz believe that Indoff Partners pay for their own deliveries and installations.
    • Delivery and installation are costs of the job and are included in the gross profit calculation, so Indoff pays for 50% and the Partner pays for 50%. The installer or delivery company bills Indoff directly.
  • 35.5% of quiz participants believe that Indoff Partners are not W2 employees.
    • The truth is that most Indoff Partners are W2 employees of Indoff and therefore are eligible to participate in our benefits program – 401k, long term and short term disability, and vision and dental insurance. You will also be covered by our liability and workman’s compensation insurance.
  • 32% of those that took the quiz believe the Indoff assigns territories.
    • Indoff does not have territory restrictions because this limits selling potential. We do have account protection, if you develop an account, then you profit from the relationship.

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